The Stockcamp Monthly Subscription Pack

$110.00 AUD now, and $110.00 AUD on the 1st of each month

Make life easy for yourself and subscribe to a monthly home delivery for this pack. Enjoy the comfort of knowing every month this beautiful fresh pack of beef is delivered to your door, no shopping, no ordering, its all just done and delivered for you.

  • loads of brisket and ribs.

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First payment: July 1, 2024


A special meal for a large family with lunch for the week or for a gathering of 10 people.

  • Outback Brisket — Point End  (party for 10 people or a family dinner for 4 people, plus lunches)
  • Real Stockcamp Ribs (family dinner for 4)

Brisket and ribs have always been a favourite on the Yarrie Station, why? Because real beef has the best flavour close to the bone. This pack is for the people who love to dabble in slow and easy styles of cooking, pizza, camp oven, or the smoker. It’s perfect beef and we know you’ll be back for more!

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Weight 5 kg
N.B. Weights are approximate

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