Muntu Desert Family Monthly Subscription Pack

$240.00 AUD now, and $240.00 AUD on the 1st of each month

Make life easy for yourself and subscribe to a monthly home delivery for this pack. Enjoy the comfort of knowing every month this beautiful fresh pack of beef is delivered to your door, no shopping, no ordering,  its all just done and delivered for you.

Muntu gives you a variety of cuts that’ll make for a delicious mix of value meals. The variety of beef, allows you to plan the week’s meals ahead of time, and store the rest in the freezer for those grab ’n’ go moments, ensuring you never run out. From quick barbecues to slow-cooked and hearty meals, the Muntu is packed with value and is affordable for families.

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First payment: June 1, 2024


This pack will give over 14 generous meals for a family of four or more with small eaters.

  • 1 x ‘Classic’ Corned Silverside (a pot roast dinner and then lunches that week)
  • 4 x ‘Yarrie’ Y-Bone steaks (a grill or wholesome family meal)                          
  • 1 x ‘Bohemia’ Bolar Roast (a roast dinner and then lunches that week)
  • 2 x ‘Talga’ T-Bones (a luxury meal for a couple)                                  
  • 2 x ‘Marble Bar Marinated Steaks.
  • 2 x ‘Sturt Pea’ Porterhouse Steaks (a luxury meal for a couple)
  • 2 x ‘Para-Dice’ Steak – ready to dice to your preferences (Stew or Casserole for the family)
  • 4 x  ‘Outback’ Osso Bucco (a wholesome family meal)
  • 1 x ‘Red Dirt’ Rump Steak

*Our steaks are sliced thick, just like they should be.

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