Muntu Desert Family

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Muntu gives you a variety of cuts that’ll make for a delicious mix of value meals. The variety of beef, allows you to plan the week’s meals ahead of time, and store the rest in the freezer for those grab ’n’ go moments, ensuring you never run out. From quick barbecues to slow-cooked and hearty meals, the Muntu is packed with value and is affordable for families.

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This pack will give over 14 generous meals for a family of four or more with small eaters.

  • 1 x ‘Classic’ Corned Silverside (a pot roast dinner and then lunches that week)
  • 2 x ‘Yarrie’ Y-Bone steaks (a grill or wholesome family meal)                          
  • 1 x ‘Bohemia’ Bolar Roast (a roast dinner and then lunches that week)
  • 2 x ‘Talga’ T-Bones (a luxury meal for a couple)                                  
  • 4 x ‘Mulla Mulla’ Mince (two wholesome family meals)    
  • 2 x Para’ Diced Steak (a wholesome family meal)
  • 2 x ‘Outback’ Osso Bucco (a wholesome family meal)
  • 2 x ‘Coolibah’ Scotch Fillet steaks (a luxury meal for a couple)

*Our stakes are sliced thick, just like they should be.

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2 reviews for Muntu Desert Family

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    Dear Annabelle, I just wanted to send through this review about the Mantu Desert Family Pack with Outback Beef. We are a family of four and this year I made a commitment to only buy Outback Beef, I did this for several reasons. Firstly, the quality and taste is always there but more importantly, I know and trust how it is produced; on natural rangelands pastures with minimal inputs and the highest animal welfare. My favourite pack is the Mantu Desert pack which usually lasts us about a month, depending how many times a week we eat beef. I like to buy this pack as it has a good mix of cuts, from the steaks that you can chuck on the barbie to the ossobuco and silverside that can go in the slow cooker or the mince and diced beef for simple stir fry’s or spaghetti bolognaise, plus it saves me going back to the shop all the time! My favourites from this pack would be the Silverside and the Osso bucco and will often cook them in the slow cooker as it is so easy to do before work and you come home to a delicious, perfectly cooked meal every time. Another favourite that I buy separately has to be the Talga T bone, honestly, it is perfect every time, tender and delicious and I always have to fight my husband for the biggest one!! Keep up the great work, we need more producers like you!!

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    A mate from New England Tablelands came to Freo. I served the Talga T-bones. His jaw dropped at the size!

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