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Why Outback

Why Outback? We believe that our People, Cattle & Country are unique.

Our People

We care for our family and friends, support our local communities, value our customers and respect and appreciate our team.

We want our kids grow up in the outback, to love and respect the country, the animals and the freedom that life in the bush provides.

We value being part of a healthy community, with a strong social fabric. We play an active role in our local community, supporting events whenever possible. We are the fifth generation on Yarrie Station, we have a unique understanding of and appreciation for the history of this wonderful region and actively contribute to many projects to strengthen its future.

We want to connect with the people that eat our beef and share our story with them, so when they serve our beef on the family table, it’s far more than just a good steak. It’s an understanding of where that steak has come from and the people who have produced it.

We are passionate about supporting our team to find their purpose, understand their strengths and improve their weaknesses while hopefully building a rewarding and exciting career in the beef industry. We want them to see how much the bush has to offer and that if they work hard, they will be rewarded.

Our Cattle

We care for our cattle, we value quality stockmanship and ensure we use best practice welfare standards for all our animals.

Outback Beef cattle are born, bred and fed on a natural grass-based system. It begins on the rangeland pastures of Yarrie Station, where the cattle are bred. When the cattle are ready, they are trucked to the southern pastures of our farm at Badgingarra, in the Midwest of Western Australia, sent south and processed into our very own Outback Beef.

Quality stockmanship has always been handed down with pride on Yarrie. This means we have developed a very strong culture of respecting our animals and that they are always handled with professionalism and care.

We carry out stockmanship training for our team. We create very strong ground rules on how we treat and care for our cattle. Anybody that works in our team values this and loves the animals just as much as we do.

We also have an electronic herd recording system which enables full traceability of individual animals. This means that we have a record of their whole life cycle, showing where they have been and we can trace each animal, right to the beef on your plate!

We are always trying to improve, looking at new ways of handling cattle, carrying out research and becoming better at what we do.

Finally, we always have and always will use horses to handle our cattle. Our horses are a big part of our station life and we believe they contribute to creating a quiet herd of cattle. Plus, it means we have plenty of precious pets for the team and our kids to enjoy.

Our Country

We care for our country and have a unique understanding of the need to ensure that it can be passed onto future generations.

We know that this country is special, that it is one if the oldest areas on Earth forming 3 billion years ago, that it has mineral rich soils and native pastures that combine to produce our beef’s unique flavour. However, we also know that our country is delicate and that we need to treat it with the care and respect it deserves so that it can continue to produce this beautiful beef for us all.

We feel we are part of this country and have a strong obligation to understand and learn from the landscape.

Yarrie is a registered ‘Land for Wildlife’ property, meaning that we are committed to protecting habitat for native animals on our country. We also have an environmental plan for the country with priority sites where we are committed to taking action to try and improve the landscape’s natural function. This mainly involves slowing down the flow of water, spreading it out across the country to rehydrate it, encouraging wetlands and improving biodiversity.

We aim to perpetually improve our land, to build its resilience and increase its diversity all while producing quality beef to feed our family, friends, customers, our team and local community.

We believe that our people, cattle and country are unique.

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