The Pilbara Luxury Monthly Subscription Pack

$160.00 AUD / month

Make life easy for yourself and subscribe to a monthly home delivery for this pack. Enjoy the comfort of knowing every month this beautiful fresh pack of beef is delivered to your door, no shopping, no ordering,  its all just done and delivered for you.

For people who love cooking with our luxury beef cuts that are bursting with incredible flavour, this one’s for you. You simply can’t beat the unique Pilbara taste. For special occasions or for the quality and convenience of having luxury beef in your freezer for those quieter nights at home.

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This pack will give over 12 generous meals for a couple, or double that if you prefer to eat smaller portion sizes.

  • 2 x Talga T-Bones (a luxury grill for a couple)
  • 2 x Sturt Pea Porterhouse steaks (a luxury grill for a couple)
  • 1 x Red Dirt Rump steaks (2 grill or pan fry meals for a couple)
  • 2 x Coolibah Scotch steaks (a luxury grill for a couple)
  • 2 x Pilbara Prime Eye Fillet steaks (a couples luxury grill)
  • 2 x Para-Diced Steak
  • 2 x Mulla Mulla Mince (2 wholesome meals for a couple)

*Our stakes are sliced thick, just like they should be.

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Weight 5 kg
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