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How to get
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It's a family affair


How to cook Outback Beef

A range of delicious recipes for our many cuts


Our People, Our Cattle, Our Country


Outback Beef

Our people

We care for our family and friends, support our local communities, value our customers and respect and appreciate our staff. We want our kids grow up in the outback, to love and respect the country, the animals and the freedom that life in the bush provides.

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Our cattle

We care for our cattle, we value quality stockmanship and support solid welfare standards for all our animals. Outback Beef cattle are born, bred and fed on a natural grass-based system. It begins on the rangeland’s pastures of Yarrie Station, where the cattle are bred.

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Our country

We care for our country and have a unique understanding of the need to ensure that it can be passed onto future generations. We know that this country is special, that it is one if the oldest areas on Earth forming 3 billion years ago.

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Outback Beef. Maximum flavour. Great taste.
Locally raised without harmful additives.
Once you’ve tasted our beef, you’ll never
sacrifice on quality again.

Why Outback Beef?

I’m Annabelle Coppin, the Managing Director of Outback Beef and owner of the Yarrie Station. As a fifth-generation pastoralist running and caring for Yarrie Station, my team and I are committed to bringing you – our community – the great-tasting natural flavours of the Pilbara.

We’re deeply passionate about producing the highest quality Australian natural grass based beef to feed your family, we do things the way mother nature intended.

You’ll always have peace of mind knowing that our beef is born, bred and fed on our beautiful, healthy Pilbara rangelands, which give our beef its unique flavour that the locals love.

Find out how we do it

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Outback to your Plate

Enjoy the variety of Quality local Beef in your home
Our regular supply of Outback Beef packs to local areas allows you to stock up & enjoy a variety of beef cuts and meal ideas !

And I was blown away
by the flavour
of Yarrie beef

Curtis Stone

Keep it real, make Outback Beef the choice on your plate